In this section we report on the most significant achievements for our Society, those that have engaged us the most, those from which we have derived the most satisfaction, or those that have enabled us to gain greater competence and made us grow.


Soleto is a qualified supplier to Open Fiber. In recent years, Soleto has won numerous tenders for the implementation and maintenance of FTTH infrastructure throughout the country. The most important awarded and contracted contracts are as follows: Interland Milan Lot 1 - Sesto S. G. Cinisello and Bresso area, worth 15.5 M€
Interland Milan Lot 3 - Corsico area, Trezzano S/N, Cesano B., Cusago, Settimo M.
Cornaredo, worth 13.6 M€.
Monza to the value of 11.4 M€.
Interland Turin to the value of 16.3 M€.
Interland Turin - second phase Lot 2 worth €15.8M
Brindisi worth €7.2m.
Messina North to the value of 6.9 M€.
Lecce to the value of 6.1 M€.
Como Varese and Brescia - white areas - worth 11.2 M€.
Turin - Lot 1 for a value of 19.9 M€.
Lombardy Delivery & Assurance - Milan hinterland municipalities area - worth €5.2M
Piedmont Delivery & Assurance - Turin hinterland municipalities area - worth 3.8 M€.
Veneto Delivery & Assurance -municipalities Chioggia, Belluno, Vicenza- worth 2.1 M€.


Soleto has been an accredited partner and System Integrator of Fastweb since 2000. In this area Soleto has collaborated and still collaborates in the implementation of major MAN optical network projects. In particular, Soleto worked on the construction of the Milan and hinterland and Bari networks. The activities Soleto has carried out for Fastweb can be summarized as:

Execution of backbone optical network work
Implementation of access networks
Network distribution works inside buildings
Residential and business utility activation
Maintenance of networks implemented throughout the country
Remote and on-site 1st and 2nd level support for residential and business users throughout the country.

Other services related to these projects include activities related to both the delivery of support offered to customers and targeted projects for end customers, and support and maintenance activities for Fastweb-owned sites and systems. The partnership with Fastweb is well-established and to date has reached a total value in terms of turnover of more than 150 M€.

SOLETO AND FASTWEB We build infrastructure for Fastweb

As part of the FTTH project entrusted to TIM, Soleto signed an ATI agreement in 2016 with Huawei and a group of other companies to build FTTH infrastructure throughout Italy. The recently completed project saw Soleto engaged on the cities of Turin, Bari and Messina. The value of the work was approximately 25 M€. Soleto has recently acquired contracts for activities related to the FiberCop project: Implementation of FTTH secondary network. Lot 4 Milan, worth €5.18m
Realization of the secondary FTTH network Lot 2 Lombardy Central East, worth 16.45 M€.
Implementation of the FTTH secondary network Lot 8 Friuli Venezia Giulia, worth 10.39 M€.
Implementation of the secondary FTTH network Lot 10 Veneto, worth 13 M€.
Implementation of the FTTH secondary network Lot 22 Puglia, worth 15.45 M€.
Other projects for which Soleto has been awarded contracts include the following: Delivery & Assurance for the municipalities of Turin, Bari, Messina worth 1.3 M€
TIM primary network binding works of Flash Fiber CNOs in Piedmont, Puglia, Sicily worth €0.45M
Delivery (backup) works in Piedmont, Veneto, Apulia, Sicily worth 1.32 M€
Network Construction backup works in Piedmont, Apulia, Sicily worth 0.25 M€


Soleto since 2000 and until the group's entry into Open Fiber, has collaborated with Metroweb on many activities on FTTH MAN networks the most important of which are: MAN project in Milan and hinteland Work carried out since 2000 on behalf of Metroweb (and currently carried out under an Open Fiber contract) has involved the construction of infrastructure, laying and provisioning of more than 2,000 km of optical cable throughout Milan and its hinterland. The value of the work performed reached a total amount of more than 47 M€. FTTH Project in Milan Since 2012, Soleto has been performing work on Milan's network infrastructure for the installation of optical/copper network connectivity systems for Metrobit, providing both in-building installations and network/residential connection activities. This same work is still continuing under a contract with Open Fiber for Delivery and Assurance activities. In this way, the work has found continuity and is currently ongoing, to date reaching a value of more than 13.8 M€. FTTH Project in Turin Since 2014, Soleto has been carrying out work on the Turin network infrastructure for the installation of optical/copper network connectivity systems for Metroweb Development. Now the activities continue with a contract awarded by Open Fiber and are related to: Implementation of the primary access network; Realization of building access (provision of ROE); Realization of the vertical up to floor splitter installation. The work is currently in progress and has reached a value of more than 7.5 M€.

SOLETO E METROWEB Construction of city networks for Metroweb Group (now Open Fiber Group) in Milan and Turin

The work that began in 2014 throughout Italy resulted in the installation of more than 1,000 roadside cabinets and the installation and commissioning of the same number of Huawei DSLAMs/mini DSLAMs. The works completed in 2017 reached a turnover of more than 9.5 M€.


The works carried out in 2009/2010 for a total amount of 3 M€, saw the implementation of the optical backbone infrastructure for regional connectivity with the supply in place and provisioning of more than 320 km of optical cable.

SOLETO AND FASTWEB PON Puglia project on behalf of Fastweb

Soleto has been operating since 2007 in the field of radio mobile roofing in tunnels and special areas and has developed a high level of know-how on various technologies. In this area, some of the work performed on behalf of Cellnex (formerly Commscon Italy) was as follows: Milan Metro mobile radio coverage (2007-2009), Lines 1, 2 and 3, 72 stations, Installed 1,500 antennas and 70 remote units, 35 km of optical cable and 35 km of electrical cable amounting to 350 K€; Bologna TAV mobile radio coverage (2010-2011), for 15 km, 50 antennas and 24 RUs, 7Km of optical cable and 1Km of electrical cable; Mobile radio coverage of Niguarda Hospital in Milan (2011): 100 antennas and 8 RUcon over 3 km of optical cable; Mobile radio coverage of Juventus Stadium in Turin, Italy (2012): 150 antennas and 26 RUs, 3 km of optical cable and 2 km of electrical cable; Mobile radio coverage of Gemelli Hospital in Rome (2012): 150 antennas and 6 RUs, 4 km of optical cable; Brescia Metro mobile radio coverage (2012-2013): 13 stations, 300 antennas and 26 RU2Km of optical cable and 2Km of electrical cable; In 2014 Mobile radio coverage Porta Nuova building complex ("Varesine" and "Isola"): 250 antennas and 15 RUs, 10 km of optical cable and 1 km of electrical cable. From 2018 to date Soleto sha designed, built numerous DAS installations in Esselunga supermarkets, LaEsse in northern Italy (Milan, Varese, Genoa, Parma, Livorno, Pistoia, Turin, Brescia, Mantua,...), installing about 1000 antennas and 40 active devices, as well as several km of coaxial cable, splitters and repeaters.

SOLETO AND DAS DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEMS Installation of DAS mobile networks for special environments

The works carried out since 2010 have reached a value of more than 11 M€ and have seen the construction of more than 280 new sites complete with infrastructure, shelters, construction works and masts, technology upgrades related to BTS modernization carried out on more than 1400 sites, interconnection of sites to the operator's SDH ring. Since 2012, Soleto has worked for the experimental start-up activities of the Vodafone LTE project by performing swaps of radio base stations throughout the country and using Huawei and Nokia technology.

SOLETO FOR VODAFONE AND TIM Installation and technology upgrade of BTS stations for Vodafone and Tim on the Italian territory.

In 2015, Soleto worked on mobile network infrastructure throughout Italy for the installation and commissioning of Telecom Italia's microwave systems for the client Huawei. The total turnover of the work was approximately 80 K€. Approximately 15 sites have been set up throughout Italy.

SOLETO FOR TELECOM Installation and commissioning project for Microwave sites for Telecom Italia


    Soleto has been an accredited partner and System Integrator of Fastweb since 2000. For all activities carried out in the area of Telecommunication networks, Soleto handles calls from consumer and micro-small business users and maintains both networks and termination equipment in the user's home. Soleto provides nationwide service and first- and second-level remote and on-site support for residential and small business users through its Help Desk/Contact Center operating H24 for 365 days a year spread across multiple locations in Italy. With more than 80 qualified technicians, Soleto handles more than 1.7 million inbound/year delivery & assurance calls, with more than 700,000 trouble tickets handled and more than 100,000 email inquiries/year.

    SOLETO AND FASTWEB Management, support and maintenance services for voice and data services for Fastweb

    In the Course of 2022 Soleto was awarded the tender for the maintenance of Irideos' sites (Data Center, offices and POPs) in the country. Soleto manages electrical, mechanical, data transmission, security and environmental control plant maintenance within Irideos sites. Soleto is responsible for the management of Datacenters in Milan, Verona, Trento, Rome, offices in Milan, Verona, Trento, Rome, Florence, Turin, Sarzana, Naples and more than 160 POPs distributed throughout Italy. The contract is managed by the help desk service to handle calls and on-site interventions. The value of the contract exceeds 1 M€/year.

    SOLETO AND IRIDEOS Maintenance work on Irideos sites throughout Italy

    In 2016, Soleto was awarded the tender put out by Huawei to maintain Fastweb's POP sites across the country. Soleto manages electrical, mechanical, and maintenance related to security and environmental control systems within the POPs. Soleto is in charge of the management of 145 POPs distributed throughout northern Italy in regions from Lazio to Val d'Aosta and Trentino (including the Bernina and Caracciolo web farms in Milan). Soleto was also awarded the 2019-2025 contract worth a total of €13.2M. Also included in the contract is help desk/contact center service for handling calls and on-site interventions.

    SOLETO AND FASTWEB Maintenance work on Fastweb's POP sites throughout Italy

    Alongside the contracts for the installation and modernization of electrical, traffic light and smart city systems awarded to Soleto by A2A, related to systems in the Milan municipal area, Soleto also acquired contracts related to the maintenance of the same systems. In detail, the activities are related to the maintenance of: Electrical installations within the buildings, Public lighting systems with replacement of light fixtures and support poles, On-site troubleshooting and remediation, Maintenance of traffic light systems with infrastructural adjustments and physical and technological modifications to traffic light bodies, work on internal electronics and signal lamps.

    SOLETO AND A2A Maintenance work on plants in the municipality of Milan and hinterland managed by A2A

    Soleto in 2017 was awarded as an ESCO, the contract to manage the lighting and energy saving facilities of the municipality of Cazzago San Martino (BS). The contract, with a term of 18 years, is worth approx. 6 M€. The work consists of management of outdoor lighting systems, lighting systems inside municipal buildings, and management and retrofitting of the electrical systems themselves, with application of energy efficiency and energy-saving systems and management of photovoltaic systems and real time consumption of all facilities.

    SOLETO AND THE MUNICIPALITIES Management of electrical installations for the municipality of Cazzago San Martino

    to 2012 Soleto performs maintenance work and new implementations on the data transmission systems of Carrefour stores nationwide. Specifically, the interventions concern MAC services and new implementation of network points related to checkouts and services. The contract is still operational and has reached a value of approx. 7 M€.

    SOLETO AND CARREFOUR Maintenance of network infrastructure of Carrefour stores

    The Soleto fixed garrison, active since 2008 and still operational, manages preventive and corrective maintenance of the client's technological systems. The average annual contract amount since 2008 has been approx. 1.5 M€/year.

    SOLETO AND FASTWEB AND TIM Maintenance work on electrical, air conditioning and telecommunications systems for the end customer New Rho-Pero Fairgrounds for Fastweb and TIM

    The work, which began in 2012 and was completed in 2017, was aimed at preventive/corrective, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities on the client's electrical and special systems, as well as coordination and planning and construction management activities for all necessary plant engineering activities. The total contract amount over the three-year reporting period was 7 M€.

    SOLETO AND HOSPITALS Maintenance work on electrical systems for St. John the Baptist Hospital in Turin, Italy.

    Electrical systems design work for the Teatro dell'Arte in Milan, Italy The contract awarded and completed in 2014 included the provision of design services for electrical and fire safety compliance of the electrical power and lighting system, which Soleto performed to the client's satisfaction. ___________________________ Construction management of EXPO GATE buildings Milan In 2014, Soleto provided construction management services for work on the technological systems of the two Expo Gate buildings.

    SOLETO, OUR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Soleto offers its clients the opportunity to make use of a team of professionals for design and construction supervision activities.


      Three-year contract 2021-2024 for the implementation of activities in the territorial scope of the Lombardy region with a total value of 2.77 M€.

      The work consists of the installation and commissioning of charging stations of various types (floor, wall box, single-phase, three-phase, etc.) of various power ratings (up to 22KW) on public or private land, and connection to the power supply network.

      Connected to this activity, A2A Energy Solutions has also been awarded a contract for civil works for the installation of electric columns (E-Moving Recharge Stations) in Milan, Varese, Sondrio, Brescia, Bergamo, Mantua and the rest of Lombardy worth €900K.

      SOLETO AND A2A Installation and maintenance of electrical systems for public and private charging stations for A2A Energy Solutions

      Soleto has been collaborating with A2A since 1999 for work on the construction and maintenance of electrical systems operated by the Milan utility. The activities performed by Soleto include the modernization of electrical systems within the buildings, the massive installation of new electronic meters, the replacement of lighting fixtures, the construction and maintenance of public lighting systems, fault repair and on-site remediation, and the implementation of TLC networks as part of the "smart city Milan" project. The works carried out so far have reached a total value of approx. 14.5 M€.

      SOLETO AND A2A Electrical work on the municipal public network in Milan and hinterland on behalf of A2A

      2014/2016: The works started in 2014 (for an import of 1.4 M€) led to the construction of the electrical system and refrigeration system for Data Rooms 2 and 3; the main electrical transformer substation was enlarged; the equipment was relocated; and the general electrical panel and secondary electrical panels were implemented to ensure power continuity during any intervention.

      SOLETO AND FASTWEB Fastweb - Renovation of the Power Center in the Milan Caracciolo office

      The works carried out in 2010/2011 for a total amount of 250 K€, involved the construction of the electrical system complete with switchboards and distribution, lighting system. The air-conditioning system and the vacuum system have been built with delivery and testing of the machines. Renovation of the premises with civil works within the area including false ceiling and floating floor and fixtures, construction of walls and retaining infrastructure was carried out in the premises.

      SOLETO AND FASTWEB Renovation work on the Electrical, air conditioning and data transmission systems for the "former help-desk" area for Fastweb at the Milan Caracciolo headquarters

      Soleto has contracts in place for the new construction and maintenance of traffic light systems in the territory of Milan and neighboring municipalities. The works carried out so far have reached a value of approx. 5.5 M€.

      SOLETO AND A2A Maintenance work on traffic light systems in the municipality of Milan on behalf of A2A

      Contract acquired in 2018 and just ended in February 2022 in the territorial scope of the Lombardy region with a total value of 973 K€. The work consists of installation, replacement, modification, metering on low and medium voltage metering units and meters inside buildings and in street artifacts (masonry cabinets, PVC columns, meter boxes, etc.).

      SOLETO AND UNARETI Work on electric power delivery systems to customers for Unareti SpA


        In 2020 Soleto carried out the renovation/upgrading of the DC in Settimo with civil, electrical, mechanical and special facilities works worth approx. 750 K€. The plant provides a total IT power of 1 MW.

        SOLETO AND IRIDEOS Irideos - Renovation of the DC in Settimo Milanese

        Among the activities performed for Fastweb as part of the multi-year collaboration recently we have reaalized:
        - Renovation DC headquarters Turin Cravero - work started in 2021 and still in progress. Soleto carried out the renovation of the DC with civil, electrical, mechanical and special facilities works worth approx. 611 K€. The plant provides a total IT capacity of 0.5 MW.
        - Renovation DC site Turin Corso Svizzera - In 2019-2020, Soleto carried out the renovation and expansion of the two sites PDF1 and PDF2 of the DC with civil, electrical, mechanical and special facilities works for a total value of approx. 927 K€. At each location, the plants deliver an IT power of 0.5 MW.
        - DC renovation Bologna Melozzo headquarters - In 2020 Soleto carried out the renovation of the DC with civil, electrical, mechanical and special facilities works worth approx. 488 K€. The plant delivers a total IT power of 0.5 MW.

        SOLETO AND FASTWEB Data Center Renovations for Fastweb

        2010/2011 on behalf of Fastweb: design, supply and commissioning of 40 racks in the DC; implementation of redundant optical interconnections between server rooms. Design, supply and commissioning of 4 UPS (20 and 30 KVA) in redundant configuration with battery racks.

        SOLETO AND REGIONS Lombardy Region - Redundant systems for the DC of "Palazzo Lombardia" in Milan

        Soleto handled the site preparation of the DC by providing civil works, electrical, mechanical and telecommunications installations. Soleto installed an Emerson Knurr smart-isle with 14 racks and accessories (managed PDUs, ventilation mplant, etc.), main switchboard and secondary switchboards, electrical distribution, lighting system, mechanical systems (in-raw cooling and rooftop ciller system), UPS system (No. 2 Emerson/Cloride 120 KVA UPS and No. 2 60 KVA UPS plus battery racks for DC support and utilities). For fire detection and extinguishing systems Soleto installed a Novec system (Securitron hardware & software) and cylinders with extinguishing liquid. Zucchetti access and attendance control. Axis video surveillance. Brand-rex intelligent structured cabling system. Emerson management system for UPS, mechanical systems, smart-isle, PDUs.

        SOLETO AND SHIPS Le Navi - design, installation and commissioning of a DC for the new HQ in Genoa - 2014/2015

        In 1999/2007 Soleto built the LAN and MAN connectivity infrastructure for the Milan City Council offices. The total amount of work exceeded 10 M€. The project, which was divided into two consecutive phases, first involved our efforts to implement the copper and fiber-optic structured cabling system for the buildings with approx. 21,000 dual user points for the municipal offices, and the implementation of connectivity for the digital telephone system for 20,000 users; then we carried out the connection of 702 offices through the in-place supply of fiber-optic sections with mixed ring and star architectures.

        SOLETO AND MILAN "Campus 1" and "Campus 2 "connectivity project for Milan municipality offices on behalf of Telecom Italia

        Negli anni 2006/2008 è stato realizzato un impianto di telecomunicazioni a supporto della trasmissione di dati, immagini e fonia dei dipartimenti sanitari e diagnostici, aree amministrative e tecniche, dei presidi ospedalieri e territoriali presso l’Ospedale Salvini. Soleto ha realizzato anche numerosi ampliamenti interni sulla rete di trasmissione dati. L’importo complessivo dei lavori è stato di circa 800 K€. Obiettivo dell’Azienda Ospedaliera era quello di poter usufruire di una piattaforma integrata per poter utilizzare sistemi full IP, con applicazioni VoIP, IVR, e Voice Mail. La soluzione è stata la fornitura di una infrastruttura flessibile, aperta e avanzata nei reparti del blocco operatorio, terapia intensiva, con circa 3000 punti rete utente doppi.

        SOLETO AND FASTWEB Cabling of Salvini Hospital in Garbagnate Milanese for Fastweb

        In the years 2013/2014 Soleto carried out the design and on-site supply of shelters used as control booths for the broadcast of Sky soccer matches. The shelters were fully equipped with electrical, air conditioning, burglar alarm and security systems, in addition to making all connections to external services (electrical, water, data). The stadiums involved in the work were Genoa, Palermo, Naples, Udine, Catania, Florence, Turin, and Parma. The total amount of work was approximately 700 K€.

        SOLETO AND SKY Construction work on shelters equipped for Sky customer stations at Italian soccer stadiums on behalf of Fastweb