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Investments in recent years in the implementation of digital access networks have increased the availability of ultra-broadband IT services especially in large cities and their hinterlands.
We are mainly concerned with the implementation and maintenance of network infrastructure in geographic and metropolitan areas. The know-how achieved through many years of experience in this field enables us to provide design through a team of experts.

The vertical organization allows us to efficiently provide for all phases of implementation, from applying for construction permits to the excavation and rehabilitation phases, laying, testing and certification of the optical network with its various components.

Timely and punctual maintenance is handled by our Help Desk of now 20 years’ experience.


Our primary activity is the implementation of optical communication infrastructure for network operators. We have gained great experience in more than 20 years of working on backbone and access networks and are focused on the implementation of networks with FTTH, FTTC, FTTB, FTTS architecture, with GPON technology. We have a dedicated team of hundreds of technicians who are involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of optical infrastructure on a daily basis. In many cities from north to south on the Italian territory, we have brought fiber optic broadband connectivity.


We take care of the complete connectivity from the operator’s central office (or PoP) to the end-user’s termination (user’s stud). We then build optical user connectivity networks at the neighborhood, building and individual home levels to physically connect the end customer. In this area, we provide operators with qualified teams for utility connection activities to the broadband network and deal with troubleshooting along the entire line to ensure that a connection is always available and reliable.


We specialize in business and residential utility commissioning activities for telecom operators through installation, testing and certification of termination equipment (routers) in the user’s home. We provide an organization that, in addition to performing physical activation, supports operators in appointment and communication activities with the customer. Inside the homes, we take care of bringing the termination equipment to the desired location with minimal inconvenience to the end user.


Soleto deals with the installation of cellular network systems. We have worked for many years for the physical construction of sites and masts, installation, testing and commissioning of 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G mobile communication systems for leading national operators. For several years we have specialized in the design, implementation and testing of DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) both indoors and for special environments such as subways and highway tunnels. Activities are carried out in areas of high connection density and involve connections to the network via donor antennas or fiber optics.