Soleto oversees the entire national territory through a network of strategic operating offices


Via Don Giovanni Minzoni 1 20158 Milan
tel: 02 36581600


Via Manzoni No. 4 - 10092 Beinasco

tel: 02 365816975


Trevisan Street no. 7
35010 Perega di Vigonza


Via Vecchia Lequile No. 8
73013 Galatina


Via Dei Marmisti
70026 Modugno
tel: 080 9752400


Benedetto Brin Street Nos. 49 and 63
80143 Naples
tel: 081 6585763

Since its foundation, Soleto Spa has grown steadily, increasing its presence in the area year after year

The central/northern area is manned by the main office in Milan.

The central/southern area reports mainly to the Bari office.

The other, smaller offices were established to handle mainly regional and local activities.

Each location has offices and large warehouse, fully equipped for goods handling.