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From the date of its establishment in 1992, Soleto has always complemented field installation activities with value-added services such as design and pre-sales and technical-economic survey activities during the project setup phase and then technical assistance and maintenance management during the post-installation phase.

These services are delivered through highly specialized and verticalized staff by activity. To complement our services, our Help Desk and Contact Center allows us to be active h24 for 365 days a year to remotely and/or on-site manage facilities and systems throughout the country.


Soleto is able to provide specialized first and second level technical support service online and on-site and/or remotely realized through the in-house contact center/help desk structure active every day, 24 hours a day 7 days a week for residential and business users.

The service is primarily used for Fastweb customers throughout Italy.


Through the help desk service and numerous teams of technicians working in the field, we successfully manage the maintenance of the facilities we deal with.

We manage the maintenance of telecommunication, electrical, networking and special systems for both telecom operators and directional private users, adapting perfectly to the most challenging custom requests and SLAs, Constantly monitoring our performance through specific business KPIs defined on a project-by-project basis.


Soleto performs facility management services through specialized on-site garrisons at the customer’s site. In this area the activities.

Primary performed are aimed at the execution of systems activities for the activation, moving and installation of server systems and network connectivity within datacenters, management of move, add, change situations, for important national trade shows. These services are sized, both in quantity and in specialization, according to the needs and demands of the customer.


Alongside the maintenance service Soleto offers specialized support in the design and maintenance of the facilities and systems it deals with. Highly skilled staff can offer system support and perform all exploratory and evaluative activities required by the client. In the pre-sales phase, we manage the phases of analysis, requirements review, solution evaluation and selection, integration, and cost analysis. In the after-sales phase, we proceed through systems analysis. The measurement and evaluation of performance parameters, the identification of anomalies and malfunctions/failures of both individual and architectural components, ending with the identification of the most suitable solution in that particular context.