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Since 1992 our work has been in telecommunications.

Our mission is to enhance the welfare of society through constant commitment andinnovation action in the fields of telecommunications, energy and building management.

Actions carried out in the market are directed toward researching and proposing technological solutions to improve the working and living conditions of our customers by paying great attention to the operational environment, respect for the environment, and valuing people and their needs, whether they are employees or customers.

The constant search for the best quality of service, system and product is the cornerstone on which Soleto bases its business offerings and activities in all the sectors in which it operates.







The Story

Soleto SPA was established in 1992 from the business idea of the two founding partners, who were sensitive to the demands of the electrical systems market, demanding upgrades in accordance with regulations.
The Company is growing steadily by becoming a solution for the Telecommunications market as well. New resources and solutions are being molded to meet increasingly demanding and knowledgeable customers, gaining experience also as a System Integrator and managing outsourced inbound/outbound call center activities for Telephone Operator Customers.
Soleto SPA boasts significant increases, invests and fosters its own evolution by continually embracing new areas for example that of 'public lighting and energy efficiency.
Since the date of its founding, Soleto SpA has grown steadily by increasing the volume of business (over 134 M€ in 2021), consolidating its presence in the territory (8 offices in the national territory), acquiring the necessary resources for its business (about 500 employees and induced of more than 1000 units) and expanding the portfolio of the offer.

The Core Business

Design, installation and maintenance of special systems in the following fields of technology:

  • Telecommunications and optical infrastructure;

  • Building efficiency, energy-saving facilities,

    thermal coat - 110% superbonus;

  • Smart Cities, electrical and traffic light systems, public lighting;

  • Technical support and maintenance services, help desk and customer center, system garrisons;

  • Networking and structured cabling, video surveillance and special installations;


Soleto's governance system is based on the presence of a Board of Directors, a Board of Statutory Auditors and an auditing firm. The governance system plays a key role in simply and effectively managing day-to-day operations but is the fundamental basis for value creation in the medium to long term

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS consists of 3 members, The term of the current board will expire with the approval of the budget as of December 31, 2020, directors are eligible for re-election. The Board of Directors is vested with the powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration, with the authority to perform all acts it deems necessary and appropriate for the implementation and achievement of the corporate purpose.

Luigi Giovinazzo

Paul Pergola

Antonello Macri
The Board of Statutory Auditors operates a control over the regular administrative activities of the Board of Directors and compliance with the company's bylaws. In addition, the Board of Statutory Auditors ensures control over the internal accounting system, the adequacy of the administrative organization and internal organization, the internal audit system, and the audit of the accounts. It is also responsible for ensuring continuity and congruence of the company with the codes of conduct to which the company adheres. The Board of Statutory Auditors consists of 3 members.

Pierluigi Bellini

Marco Mattei

Mauro Bracco
The auditing firm is responsible for auditing the accounts at the legal level. The auditing firm operates autonomously and independently and is not a representative of any of the other governing bodies.