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Even before obtaining ISO 11352 certification, Soleto was committed to finding solutions for achieving energy savings and energy efficiency in buildings. The solutions we have dealt with are not limited to the design and implementation of photovoltaic, solar thermal, and implementation of control and regulation systems,

but they also affect the building envelope, insulation by means of thermal insulation, work on window frames and screens. In this area, Soleto has established a division that deals specifically with the 110% superbonus, obtaining a great many contracts for the renovation of residential complexes, which has enabled the company to significantly increase its turnover


Soleto operates as a Global Contractor and takes care of all technical and administrative aspects for proper management and adherence to current legislative regulations: from the feasibility and preliminary assessment of the intervention, to the relationship and regulatory compliance with municipalities and other authorities in charge for authorizations, cadastral reports, CILA, SCIA, PdC, APE and whatever else is necessary. Soleto promotes the financial and credit assignment aspects; carries out technical summaries and specifications; qualifies suppliers; takes care of the activation of insurance policies; carries out Technical Supervision of the works with the issuance of technical and fiscal asseverations and compliance reports at the end of the works; and issues the necessary documentation for the recognition of the superbonus.


The development of the Internet of Things has led Soleto to the creation of an offering aimed at the Smart City, understood as a large technological infrastructure that makes both people and objects talk to each other with the ability to integrate information and intelligence, thus producing a new way of experiencing everyday life. Applications are varied and include indoor solutions for managing and controlling microclimate, comfort, and automations in an indoor area, and outdoor solutions of implementing electric vehicle charging infrastructure, optimizing public transportation and car sharing/pooling, parking management, pollution control, and more.


One of the main areas of interest in energy efficiency is aimed at the implementation of efficient municipal lighting systems. Soleto is an ESCO that operates throughout the country proposing efficiency interventions based on the Intelligent Lighting Pole Concept, that is, structured to house the most efficient Lighting lamp systems and all the communication systems necessary to implement continuous control and regulation of LED lamp luminous fluxes through centralized management software, taking into account the environmental and contextual factors that occur in the area.


Soleto has been a technology partner of A2A for many years. For this Milan Utility, we are in charge of the maintenance of traffic light systems on the Milan municipal territory, with infrastructural adaptations and physical and technological modifications to the traffic light bodies, interventions on the internal electronics and signal lamps. The activities also involve civil and infrastructure work for both the positioning of the system and the connection of the traffic light pole power supply to the operator’s POD.


Soleto from the date of establishment, has been engaged in the design and implementation of low and medium voltage electrical systems for realizations in commercial and industrial buildings. Activities cover both transformer substations and main switchboards and internal distribution, testing and issuance of statutory certificates of conformity. A great increase in activities has occurred since Soleto SpA became a supplier to Important Utilities such as A2A and Unareti and with the acquisition of important orders in the Data Center field.